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Abs Workout with no-equipment. Journey to Six Pack

If you want to look sexier, a sharp ABS is one of the most important elements in a perfect body shape

Abdominal muscle (ABS) exercises are useful for strengthening abdominal muscles.

It also helps with back pain, because stronger abdominal and back muscles remove the pressure on the spine.

Abs workout or abdominal stretching exercises help dissolve abdominal fat.

So, if you want to drop drops from the abdomen that looks a bit like honeydew and have one or more “lifebuoys” on the sides of the abdomen, the abdominal exercises alone will not suffice, you need to eat less and fairer.

But In 2018, studies have shown that abdominal exercise does not reduce abdominal fat. To achieve this, energy must be depleted and a calorie deficit is created.

ABS workout. A Journey to Six Pack

How much do you manage with your food and eating habits and the time to adjust your body, especially the abdominal shape (Six Pack)

When watching the animations below, pay attention to the intensity of the abs exercises, the speed of the performance.

Exercises are carried out without interruption, at a relatively fast pace. You can do a 2-minute exercise series at home, lying on the floor directly on the carpet or on the gym towel.

Loosening to keep the shoulders up and return to the starting position, do not touch the floor.

Exercise 1.

Vertical reversals, feet up vertically and hands with fingers to toe.

Exercise 2.

Sloping diagonally to the right elbow to the left leg of the leg and vice versa. Pay attention to the amplitude of the motion, the width of the motion.

Exercise 3.

Lifting the back, holding the chin and legs without touching the floor.

Exercise 4.

Exercise a “blade knife”, alternating between the elbows, on the other side of the road, which is also attracted to the elbows.

Exercise 5.

Letter “V”

Hold the “V”, the thighs and the woods make up the V, the arms and legs in the horizontal position, breathe and try to keep the letter V.

Exercise 6.

Rowing, simulating riding in the boat with your hands and feet.

Exercise 7.

Moving to the sides, crossed legs lifted above the floor, we strive for ourselves on one side and the other.

Exercise 8.

Exercise “table”, or as best known as “Plank” with elbows and toes on the floor, the body is just like a table.

Exercise 9.

Why ABS workout is so important for a six-pack?

One of the most important areas of the body that causes problems is often the abdomen.

Most people who are overweight most often face the biggest problems here.

For others who want to look sexier, a sharp ABS is one of the most important elements in a perfect body shape.

Best six-pack workouts. Download.

»Download the printable PDF file here«

A person who did not manage to “handle” the abs was not looking for information on what exercises are appropriate for this task.

Although the Internet and full information – various exercises are available on various pages, while forums break apart from the standard and non-standard exercises, unfortunately, rare exercises are systematized and conveniently provided in one place.

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Therefore, in order to correct this gap and is intended for this post. However, readers should be warned right away – this is just a list of exercises and not a magic abdominal encyclopedia.

Fast Core Abs Exercises. Takes only 10 minutes:

Fast Core Abs Exercises. Takes only 10 minutes:

First of all, you have to realize that if you have a large abdomen, your direction is not a separate exercise for the abdominal press, but a total weight loss, i.e. Adjustable diet and workout based on cardio workouts.

More about six-pack exercises

If you want to scale your abdomen – you have to combine cardio workouts with abdominal press workouts.

Only the exercise of the abdominal press will give you nothing – in order to burn fat alone, you will need to make several thousand rebounds, which is not only boring but also very ineffective.

So, you have to understand that abdominal exercises can never be the axis of your training (so if you already have a strong abdominal press and want to keep it). Even the performance of the exercises has a great influence on how your stomach will look (but on that – in later records)

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However, this does not mean that you should not practice the abdominal press. You should And more like that. The day of each training program is one of the essential elements – workout for the abdominal press, only then you can claim a proportional or perhaps even perfect body shape.

You must remember that the abs are made up of even four-pairs of muscles, which, in principle, need to be trained individually. There is an abundance of abs workouts for abdominal muscles, and each one is most trained by just one pair of muscles.

Moreover, even one exercise different technique can be used to train completely different abdominal muscles.

And now, the list of exercises (exercise complexes, sports) is the most effective exercise for the abdominal muscles.

General sport: dancing (dance movements are often “started” precisely from the abdomen or hips), swimming, tennis, rowing.

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