Inspirational Quote. Wonder is the beginning of wisdom. Socrates.

Wonder is the beginning of wisdom. Inspirational Quote.

Today’s life is much changed.

People don’t have time for anything, they are always in a hurry, running, running, wanting to make more money.

Many even work not to live better but to simply survive.

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We are under pressure from banks and creditors, to whom we have to give us a corresponding amount of money each month, and they will not wait for sure.

A person finds himself in a stressful state, looks at work, the current situation, loses his freedom.

What’s more, we are not always doing well, we are not doing well, something is failing, something is doing better, we are in constant competition.

In this context, the attitude towards the word ‘sufficient’ also changes.

We are constantly under stress, which we handle differently.

One of The Best Inspirational Quotes. Wisdom by Socrate

Amazing inspirational poster. Gigantic Socrates satue is storking in the ocean.

Man on the rock is looking into that statue. He is wondering how interesting life is.

So use this inspirational quote in your life, because it’s very powerful and meaningful.


Wonder is the beginning of wisdom. Socrates

Wonder is the beginning of wisdom. Inspirational quote by Socrates.

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