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Creative Break During Work. Picking Pine Cones in Finland.

Picking pine cones in Finland.

While working at Finland’s forests I didn’t have as much time to create as I wanted.

But still, I’ve got some pictures to share.

My job was about picking pine cones, but this posts not about that. This is about a single image.

It took only 5 seconds to make this shot; 5 minutes of consideration what is the purpose of this image; 15 minutes of photoshop editing, and it took 5 days to decide to post it here or not… Tough Life.

The point of this post — never stops creating.

Even I don’t like this image, but some people already said: Amazin! Beautiful! Nice!

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And the very important thing about all of this is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason to exist.

Never Stop Creating. Cone Picking In Scandinavia.

We often imagine that creativity is only characteristic of those who have associated their professional activities with art, science, and discovery.

But creativity is inherent in all of us, an invaluable gift.

But in everyday life, only some people are able to solve problems creatively.

Creating and picking pine cones in Finland
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