There Is No Sincerer Love Than The Love Of Food. George Bernard Shaw.

Sweet quote for food lovers.

Have you noticed the popular cooking books?

How many celebrities publish their cookbooks and share the secrets of what their moms used to cook during their childhood?

And how many times did you enjoy remembering what you ate at one of the parties or at the restaurant?

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Food is not just about stuffing your stomach.

Otherwise we would not say so sensually about it.

One in ten people in the world are madly in love with something right now.

Love is the most geographically common feeling

Food lovers in the kitchen forget that we have time in the world.

This is their favorite place to create.

Therefore, as soon as they have a free minute in it and spin like bees.

Food and love are closely linked. Love for food quote.

Eating well is about loving yourself.

You don’t need to be a psychologist to see the connection between food and love.

It is physical, easily perceptible.

After all, the better food we eat, the more we love our body.

Cooking means touching, tasting, sniffing.

Awakened sensations calm down negative emotions, relax thoughts, inspire creativity and open the way for new solutions.

Studies in the US show that teens who eat with their family five to seven times a week are better at school, less likely to be aggressive, and less likely to use alcohol or drugs.

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Although researchers point out that eating together is only one of many factors that influence adolescent behavior, the findings are interesting.

All the more so, as the biggest plus of such a family lunch, the teenagers said they had the opportunity to be together.

There is no sincerer love than the love of food. George Bernard Shaw

There is no sincerer love than the love of food. Quote about love for food by George Bernard Shaw.

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