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Do Not Take Life Too Seriously. You Will Never Get Out Of It Alive. [Quote]

Don't be so serious. Have a bit of fun!

Overthinking? Taking all life situations too seriously? No fun at all?

Sometimes looks like life is going in the wrong direction? Or feels like you’re sailing the wrong boat?

Call or not to call? Write or not write? To say or not to say?

Such thoughts, guesses, hesitationvery harmful.

They are harmful because they devour your life and energy.

Because such reflections divert your attention from really important things: relationships, feelings, children, your activities.

Endless and endless hesitation – meaning creating a virtual world and engaging in abstract mind games instead of living in real life.

Do Not Take Life Too Seriously. Motivational Quote. 

I think it is easier to look at life from a simpler angle. 

  • If you want to know something, find out!
  • If you want to ask – ask!
  • Want to speak up – speak up!

Even if you get confused. You will meet this person and the other will respond with complete calmness and adequacy.

You look like a fool in the eyes of this man, and you look like a cute, naive, charming girl to another.

There is never anything unique and definitive in life except life itself.

There is always something else.

After what you have said now, others will follow, after what you do now – there will be others, after this man you will meet another, if you can afford it.

Life is About Experience Not Outcomes

Do not take life too seriously… Photo Manipulation.

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Still having fun… Photo Manipulation.

This surreal quote about life will help you to deepen your point of view. [Location: PalangaLithuania.]

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