How Do Exaggerated Fears Hinder Life?

    How do exaggerated fears hinder life? And what can be done to make it easier in such cases?

    Many of us in our daily lives don’t even think about the fact that unforeseen events can happen to us at any time, and if that happens, we just accept it as an inevitability and try to deal with it.

    However, some people live in constant fear and prepare for what may happen – natural disasters, war, disease, accidents. The daily lives of such people are full of anxiety.

    But are such fears justified? Can we really be prepared for what can happen in all cases? How do exaggerated fears hinder life? And what can be done to make it easier in such cases?

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    Exaggerated fears and constant preparation

    Some people are not afraid of other people, but some natural things beyond our control. They are so scared that the plane will fall, there will be a financial crisis, a terrible disease will come, they will go mad, they will be attacked and so on.

    Fears. Motivational Image Quote.
    Fears. Motivational Image Quote.

    In a word, things that are beyond our control, not relationships. This is typical of people who generally do not trust their forces, who do not feel the world’s underlying security.

    After all, indeed, any of us can get any disease, get into an accident. Still, we don’t live every day as if it could happen right away and that anxiety is unnecessary. If that happens, it is not up to us – when it happens, it will happen. Also, if that doesn’t happen, there aren’t many ways to prevent it.

    But such people are trying to prevent it. For example, some women check for cancer signs every month, spending a lot of money because they still thought the tumor would hit them soon. By the way, after this day they are very healthy.

    Depends on the mood
    So, in this scheme, a person makes an effort, spends money and distances himself from some things in life, narrows his life. For example, if a person is panicked about an accident, he will not go anywhere.

    Absorb things you are afraid of
    So how do I know if I am motivated to succeed? What questions should we answer for ourselves if we want to become successful

    If he is afraid to fly by plane, he again travels much less, and each trip costs much more. If a person is fearful of diseases, can not go to the mountains, do not go out of the house, around someone with the flu, and the like.

    So there are many limitations, a difficult life, constant thinking about it, rituals, and magical thinking. One is afraid that if a black cat runs away or dreams of a bad dream, something terrible will happen, watch political news, or there will be no war.

    For many such people, all of these fears worsen when their mood worsens. In a word, these exaggerated fears depend more on emotions than have a basis. On the other hand, such a person should think about why no one else is doing this anymore.

    Such people often say that no one is waiting for a crisis, and those waiting are well prepared. However, this is not a logical answer. It is impossible to make for everything – then all life will be just preparation and there will be no joy in life. Some even take sedative medications.

    Reduce anxiety
    So such people have to absorb that they are afraid of things that are very unlikely, that they are very self-limiting and spend a lot of time on it, and that while they are so scared, they just don’t enjoy life. After all, they limit other people.

    For example, a woman who is afraid of an accident does not allow a man to leave. A woman who is fearful of diseases and prepares and leads the child to be examined by doctors. So if there is such a problem, you should basically deal with the anxiety.

    Engage in meditation, yoga, by all possible means. It should also be remembered that it is a matter of mood, however. If I am a strong personality, even in an accident, even sick, I will be able to cope better. The best way to prepare is to be in a good mood, in good health, in a calm state, if something really happens and that is probably the most essential thing to do.

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